One of the most modern anticheats on the market

Polar is a SaaS cheat prevention software aimed at limiting cheaters from gaining an unfair advantage on your Minecraft server.

Polar Anticheat Warning Alert!
  • NotLucky mitigated for Flying
  • Unique_Guy was banned for KillAura
  • CPS for Steve: 10.71


Polar simulates a player's movement on the server side, detecting abnormal behavior. Detected abnormalities are then corrected by resetting the player's position, cancelling the hit, or by artificially compensating their velocity.

Our features

Polar has been designed and developed by server owners, for server owners. We understand the troubles an average server owner might face with an anticheat and do our best to maximize the reliability of our software.

The SaaS idea

We maximize speed and reliability by involving our servers for intensive calculations.


We aim to have the most precise and accurate detections possible.


Polar was developed with performance in mind, thus, eliminating its effect on server TPS.


No matter what your player count is, we ensure that Polar is stable for every customer.

Customer support

We are happy to assist every customer with any issue they might face with Polar.

Trusted and Reputable

Polar is developed by known developers in the community and has both small and enterprise clients.

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Polar Anticheat

With accessibility in mind, Polar’s pricing aims to suit both well-established and beginning servers. All prices are monthly.

Small server

Perfect for small servers with under 75 players online

  • Up to 75 total players online
  • Up to 3 server instances
  • Up to 1 unique dedicated server
  • ALL checks included
Medium server

Great for established servers and most users

  • Up to 300 total players online
  • Up to 15 server instances
  • Up to 3 unique dedicated servers
  • ALL checks included
Large server

Great for large servers and minigame networks

  • Up to 600 total players online
  • Unlimited server instances
  • Up to 6 unique dedicated servers
  • ALL checks included

Detailed plan description can be found here.

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